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FAQs - Taiyo Yuden Media

Why choose Taiyo Yuden media products?

  • Proven technological leader as the creator of the CD-R.
  • The most recommended disc by recording professionals.
  • TY discs enjoy one of the broadest ranges of compatibility in the market.
  • All of TY's media output must pass thier high standards of quality control.

Why can't I find the Taiyo Yuden name on the discs or on the packaging?
      Taiyo Yuden considers their product to be 'industrial' rather than 'retail.' As such, they do not promote their name on the disc or packaging. Additionally, most discs are used in a duplication environment which involves a printing process requiring a blank, non branded surface.

Which grades of Taiyo Yuden discs do you carry?
      Rima only carries Taiyo’s premium grade discs. These are 100% authentic discs made by the Taiyo Yuden factory, and are considered as their A-grade. We do not carry TY’s ‘Valueline’ (B-grade) discs, this is to assure that you will always be shipped #1 quality Taiyo Yuden discs.

There seems to be a variety of packaging formats (Cakeboxes, tape-wrapped, etc.) for the TY discs you sell. Is it all authentic factory packaging?
      Yes. Taiyo Yuden has developed several different formats for their packaging depending on the disc. For example the tapewrap is used to prevent static buildup on printable DVDs. Rima.com only sells authentic manufactured and packaged Taiyo Yuden products.

Is there an easy way to identify TY discs, as there does not seem to be any identifying marks anywhere?
      A simple way to identify a real Taiyo Yuden manufactured disc is to verify the serial number on the disc. For DVDs, the number can be found on the print side of the disc, in the inner-most ring before the clear plastic hub. The serial number for a genuine Taiyo Yuden 8x -R disc should start with 'GG'. Their 16x series discs should start with 'GH'. For CD-Rs, the serial number is located on the recording side in the inner ring which is next to the clear plastic hub. The number should start with '80 PG' then be followed by a short series of changeable numbers.

Why do the Taiyo Yuden discs have so many different surfaces?
      As a leader in supplying discs to the duplication market, TY has developed different print-surface formulas to meet most every printing requirement. They also offer a 'hub printable' surface in some varieties enabling the print to cover the disc from edge to edge. In all cases, there are no stacking rings on the print surface to interfere with the mechanical or esthetic requirements of disc printing.

      Their standard disc is Shiny Silver which is compatible with mono-color thermal printers such as the Rimage Prism, or the smaller Primera Z1. They have also produced a specially formulated White Thermal disc for color thermal printers including the photorealistic Rimage Everest.
      TY also produces Inkjet Printable surfaces which are compatible with most any inkjet printer that has been adapted to printing discs. Some Inkjet Printable discs are available in hub printable as well.

I bought 16X TY media from you - why does it only burn at 8X?
      In most cases this is the inability of the drive's firmware to accurately recognize the new media code information on the disc. As media manufacturers produce new versions or speeds of their media, some internal stamper codes in the media are also changed. Often times, this necessitates that the drive be flashed with a new firmware version so it will recognize the media. Updated firmware versions improve communication between the drive and the media, and may increase speed performance as well. See the Firmware Update section on our site

      In some cases the burning software is not properly reading the disc info, or has an inherent conflict with the particular brand of media. Sometimes changing to a different burning software will yield the desired speed results.
      On occasion, lower speed performance is hardware related. You may need to change a pin setting on the back of the burning drive, making it the Master Drive while relegating any DVD ROMs to slave drive status. Additionally, through the device manager of your PC you may need to change your controller setting, making both drives (Burner and Reader) run in the DMA mode as opposed to the PIO mode.

Which TY media is recommended for my Rimage Everest Printer?
      Taiyo Yuden makes hub-printable, thermal coated discs specifically for the Rimage Everest printers in both CD and DVD formats. Please see our product codes for links to complete descriptions and current prices.

Item# 1165 CD-R White
Item# 1166 CD-R Silver
Item# 1738 DVD-R White
Item# 1766 DVD-R White

Taiyo Yuden changed its name to JVC, thereby changing all of the part numbers. 
Taiyo Yuden to JVC Media Conversion Chart
Media Type Grade Speed Rima No. Taiyo Yuden No. JVC No.
CD-R Premium 52X 1160 CDR80ZZ100SBZM JCDR-ZZ-SB
CD-R Premium 52X 1161 CDR80WPY100SBZM JCDR-WPY-SB
CD-R Premium 52X 1162 CDR80SPY100SBZM JCDR-SPY-SB
CD-R Premium 52X 1165 CDR80WPT100SK JCDR-WPT-SK
CD-R Premium 52X 1166 CDR80SPT100SK JCDR-SPT-SK
CD-R Premium 52X 1167 CDR80SPP100SK JCDR-SPP-SK
CD-R Premium 52X 1168 CDR80WPP100SK JCDR-WPP-SK
CD-R Premium 52X 1169 CDR80ZPP100SB JCDR-ZPP-SB
DVD-R Premium 8X 1736-100 DVD-R47ZZ100SB JDMR-ZZ-SB
DVD-R Premium 8X 1738-100 DVD-R47WPT100SK JDMR-WPT-SK
DVD-R Premium 8X 1739-100 DVD-R47SPY100SB JDMR-SPY-SB
DVD-R Premium 8X 1760-100 DVD-R47WPP100SK JDMR-WPP-SK
DVD-R Premium 16X 1762-100 DVD-ZZ100SB16 JDMR-ZZ-SB16
DVD-R Premium 16X 1763-100 DVD-WPP100SK16 JDMR-WPP-SK16
DVD-R Premium 16X 1766-100 DVD-WPT100SK16 JDMR-WPT-SK16
DVD-R Premium 16X 1767-100 DVD-SPP100SK16 JDMR-SPP-SK16
DVD-R Premium 16X 1772-100 DVD-WPPSK16-HC JDMR-WPPSK16-HC
DVD-R Premium 16X 1777-100 DVD-ZZSB16-HC JDMR-ZZSB16-HC
DVD-R Premium 16X 1778-50 DVD-WPPSB16-WS JDMR-WPPSB16-WS
DVD-R Premium 16X 1779-100 DVD-WPTSK16-HC JDMR-WPTSK16-HC
DVD+R Premium 8X 1733-100 DVD+R47ZZ100SB JDPR-ZZ-SB
DVD+R Premium 8X 1734-100 DVD+R47SPY100SB JDPR-WPY-SB
DVD+R Premium 16X 1774-100 DVD+WPP100SK16 JDPR-WPP-SK16
DVD+R Premium 16X 1776-100 DVD+ZZ100SB16 JDPR-ZZ-SB16